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Eyewash Safety On The Job

ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standard in a nutshell!

Assess work area for proper location of eyewash station
Assess work area for caustic chemical hazards so that safety eyewash equipment can be properly placed for workers protection

  Eyewash should be accessible within ten seconds of hazard
Eyewash should be reachable within 10 seconds from where the hazards are located, unobstructed!

Activation by a simple push or pull of lever, button or foot pedal
The eyewash's "hands free" stay open valve needs to activate by a simple push or pull of a lever, button or foot pedal
  Flush both eyes simultaneously for 15 minutes
An injured worker needs to flush both eyes simultaneously for a full 15 minutes with a controlled low velocity flow of flushing fluid

Flushing temperature to be between 60 and 100 degrees fahrenheit
The temperature of flushing fluid needs to be between 60 & 100 degrees fahrenheit for the full 15 minutes of flushing time

  Eye Wash Head Height is most important
The positioning of the eyewash outlet heads should be between 33" and 53" from the floor and at least 6" from the wall
Should be inspected and/or flushed weekly
Plumbed eyewashes should be
flushed weekly & annually inspected. portable units should be maintained according to manufacturer's directions
   Organizations should have safety program in place
Organizations should have a safety program in place in order to instruct workers what they need to do in the event of an eye injury

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