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Opti-Klens Eye Wash Stations by Desert Assembly

Desert Assembly is the manufacturer of Opti-Klens Faucet Eyewash Stations. They have been manufacturing this product since 1982 and are well known for their worldwide sales of their economical eye and face wash products.  If you look for an eyewash in your doctor or dentist’s office, there is a good chance that you will find an Opti-Klens eyewash mounted on the tip of the faucet of the sink.   Their full product line provides an economical way to remain complaint while still offering quality and durability. 

The Opti-Klens Eye wash Stations are affordable, easy to use and assemble which makes them an ideal choice in many situations. All Opti-Klens eyewash products are ANSI compliant and meet the ASNI Z358.1 standard.   Select Safety Sales has sold the Opti-Klens product line to various medical facilities and government agencies.  If you need help with your purchase, please contact us at 866-864-3495 for a thorough evaluation of your needs with our eyewash experts! 
Opti Klens Stainless Steel Eyewash Station 1M
Regular Price: $265.00
Just Reduced: $225.00
Opti-Klens lE Eyewash W/ Eliminator Valve - Faucet Eyewash For Sinks and Laboratories
Regular Price: $98.00
Just Reduced: $89.00
Opti-Klens llE Lab Eye/Face Wash W/ Eliminator Valve for Laboratories
Regular Price: $120.00
Super Sale: $108.00