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Mace Personal Defense Products

Mace Self Defense Products

Mace is a company whose name is synonymous with self-defense. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio.   The company has been around since the early 1970’s and manufacturers both personal self- defense and security products for individuals and workplaces.  The Mace product lines empower individuals and businesses to feel safer in their environments. .  Many of the Mace products are small enough to carry on your key chain, in your pocket or pocketbook.  If you are looking to purchase any of the Mace products, contact us if you need help at 866-864-3495.

Mace PepperGel Large - Case of 12
Regular Price: $221.88
On Sale For: $175.50
Mace Screecher Aerosol Alarm
Regular Price: $94.68
On Sale For: $75.60
Pepper Mace Spray, Pocket Model
Regular Price: $167.40
On Sale For: $125.82