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Leather Palm Gloves

Leather Palm Gloves comprise of different configurations that combine leather in the palms, fingers and thumbs.  Work Gloves of this type provide protection from scuffing, abrasion, punctures and light cuts. Allowing for air to flow through tiny pores, these gloves remain cool and comfortable during use.

Leather Palm Gloves are necessary PPE for a wide range of manufacturing, construction, agricultural, and materials handling applications.  Backing materials available for these work gloves are canvas or cotton and come in safety, gauntlet and knit wrist cuff designs. Cuts of leather available are 
grain, which is a smooth leather and provides extra strength and dexterity, and and split, which is a rougher leather for more texture.

Split Leather Gloves come in three kinds:
  • Side Split Leather Gloves: Most durable and provides the most protection due to it's dense fiber density.
  • Shoulder Split Leather Gloves: More economical and less strong with less fiber density.
  • Belly Split Leather Gloves: Most economical and texture and appearance are least consistent.
Leather Patch Palm Work Gloves
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RadnorĀ® Economy Leather Palm Gloves
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Radnor Leather Palm Work Gloves
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