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Qualities to Look for in Flame Resistant Clothing

flame resistant clothingAll flame resistant clothing is NOT created equal. When you need clothing to protect your employees from fire hazards, such as flash fires, momentary electric arcs or molten metal splashes, you want to make sure it’s up to the task. But with so many options to choose from, how can you be sure you’re selecting the best flame resistant clothing for your workplace?

To help you with this important decision, we’ve outlined a few qualities to look for in flame resistant clothing:

1. Protects against potential hazards

Before you can select the best flame resistant clothing for your employees, you need to identify all potential flame hazards. Each piece of clothing is designed to protect against certain types of hazards, so you want to select one that best fits your workplace hazards.

Not sure of your workplace’s potential flame hazards? Find out by conducting a job hazard analysis.

2. Meets applicable codes and standards

Once you’ve identified potential hazards, you need to know which codes and standards apply. For example:

For a more detailed list of relevant standards, see the ISHN article, What You Need to Know About Flame-Resistant Clothing. While this article is a little dated, but it’s still a good place to start.

3. All components are flame resistant

For complete protection, all clothing components should be flame resistant. In other words, not just the fabric, but all parts, such as zippers and accessories should be sufficiently flame resistant. Any point of weakness in the garment is an opportunity for injury.

4. Maintains flame resistant capability with use

You don’t want your clothing’s flame resistant capability to degrade with repeated washings and on-the-job wear. Purchase clothing that’s been proven to resist flame resistance degradation over time.

5. Made by a reputable manufacturer

According to some observers, some manufacturers sell flame resistant clothing that meets industry standards but hasn’t yet been proven through wear-trial evaluations.

Choose a reputable and reliable protective clothing manufacturer that is committed to safety and consistent manufacturing processes.

6. Comfortable to wear

Unworn protective clothing is no protection at all. Comfortable flame resistant clothing increases compliance. And while comfort is subjective, measures such as breathability and weight can provide clues.

Proper fit is also important to comfort. Select sizing that won’t restrict range of motion or get in the way.

Wear trials are a great way to find the most comfortable protective garments for your employees. Allow a few representative employees to try out the clothing first, before making a large order.

Flame Resistant Clothing at Select Safety Sales

At Select Safety Sales, we carry a variety of flame resistant protective clothing in different styles and colors from reputable, proven manufacturers, such as Saf-Tech, Occunomix and Rasco. Visit our flame resistant clothing page to see our full selection.

Do you need help selecting the right flame resistant clothing for you and your employees? Our safety experts are available to help. Call 866-864-3495, use our online chat or email sales@selectsafetysales.com with your questions.


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