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Which Eyewash Station is Right for Your Workplace?

eyewash stationEvery year, thousands of people are blinded from work-related eye injuries. While hazard removal and personal protective equipment are the preferred methods of avoiding eye injuries, eyewash stations are an important way of treating eye injuries if they occur.

If you need to put eyewash stations in your workplace, you have two basic types to choose from:

  1. Plumbed stations
  2. Portable stations.

Plumbed Stations

Plumbed eyewash stations are permanently connected to a water source. Because they’re permanent, they tend to be installed as part of construction, as opposed to retrofitted into a finished space.

Because these stations are attached to tap water pipes, they have an unlimited supply of water. This is useful as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommends flushing affected areas for at least 15 minutes.

The disadvantage of plumbed eyewash stations is that you have to activate them weekly to discourage bacteria growth. You should also periodically test tap water for chemical contaminants.

You may also require special temperature controls to keep the tap water at a tepid temperature. Water that is too hot or cold can damage the eye and discourage workers from flushing the eye for the recommended time period.

Portable Stations

Portable eyewash stations do not require plumbing. Instead, they’re self-contained units you can move easily as your facility configuration changes. Some portable eyewash stations use tap water mixed with a preserved solution. Other use a self-contained sterile solution.

As with plumbed stations, portable stations also require maintenance. You must replace solution in portable units periodically, according to manufacturers’ instructions, to control bacterial growth. In addition, you have to make sure stations are full and ready at all times.

Select Safety Sales Eyewash Stations

At Select Safety Sales, we carry plumbed and portable eyewash stations as well as eyewash bottles, preservatives, signs, faucets and mixing valves. Visit our eyewash station page to see our wide selection.

For more information on selecting eyewash stations, see our detailed article, “How to Choose an Eyewash Station for Your Facility.” You can also contact our safety experts at 866-864-3495 or sales@selectsafetysales.com with your questions or reach us through online chat.

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