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Placement and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

maintenance of fire extinguishersSo you’ve completed a hazard analysis of the types of combustible materials you have in your workplace, and you’ve determined which fire extinguishers you need.

But the next question is where should you install these extinguishers exactly? And what do you need to do to maintain them?

Placement of Fire Extinguishers

As you might expect, the general rule is to place fire extinguishers within easy reach of employees. After all, the faster you can get to and use a fire extinguisher, the easier it will be to put out the fire.

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What Kind of Fire Detector Should You Choose?

fire detectorAccording to Bureau of Labor statistics, three percent of workplace fatalities in 2007 were the result of fires and explosions. Fire detectors, when combined with evacuation plans and other emergency response measures, can help reduce fatalities, injuries and property damage from fire.

While we all understand the importance of fire detectors, it’s equally important to select the right kind of fire detector for your workplace. As you’ll see, different detectors are designed to detect different kinds of fire. In this blog post, we’ll review the three main types of fire detectors: smoke detectors, heat detectors and flame detectors.

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