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A Lockout/Tagout Equipment Primer

lockout/tagoutYou probably already know the basics of logout/tagout procedures and purposes. (If not, see the OSHA page Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) and the 2008 OH&S Online article, Lockout Basics.)

As suggested in the OH&S Online article, lockout and tagout equipment occasionally undergoes design improvements. If your lockout/tagout equipment has never gone beyond keys and padlocks, you might be surprised at the variety of lockout/tagout equipment on the market.

To that end, here’s a quick primer:

  • Padlocks. The classic lock and key set we all know. Still used to lockout industrial machinery and secure high school lockers.
  • Plug lockouts. Ever tried to apply a common padlock to a power cord plug? It doesn’t work so well. What you need is a plug lockout. A plug lockout encompasses the electrical plug in a plastic cover that can only be removed with a key. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different plugs.

  • Switch lockouts. Switch lockouts cover electrical outlets and prevent anyone from inserting a plug.
  • Cable lockouts. A cable lockout can be threaded through and around equipment to prevent workers from operating it.
  • Valve lockouts. Valve lockouts are used to shut off pressure valves. They come in a variety of styles to match different valve and pipe types.
  • Group lockout boxes. Group lockout boxes are used to lockout equipment when a team of people are working together. Each team member places a lock on the box and only removes it when his/her task is done. Only when all locks are removed can the equipment be reactivated.
  • Hasps. Similar to a group lockout box, a hasp is a metal plate with a number of holes for padlocks. The lockout is not complete until the last worker removes his/her padlock from the hasp.
  • Safety tags. Tags accompany lockout equipment and should provide essential information, such as time of lockout, reason for lockout and name of authorizing person.

Lockout and Tagout Equipment at Select Safety Sales

At Select Safety Sales, we carry all kinds of lockout/tagout equipment, including plug, switch, cable and value lockouts. We also have group lockout boxes, hasps and safety tags.

If you need help selecting the right kind of lockout/tagout equipment for your workplace, give us a call toll free at (866) 864-3495 or sales@selectsafetysales.com. You can also get us through online chat!

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